Cedar Park Texas Precinct 287, Williamson County
                   Cedar Park, Texas 
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Candidate For Precinct Chair 287

Timothy Kelly

Tim has been a resident of Cedar Park since 2004.
Prior to his transfer to Texas, he was stationed in California and Germany.

Tim retired in 2010 as a U.S. Army Commissioned Warrant Officer Three.

Tim has served in the capacity of a Logician, Commander, Property Manager, Customer Service Representative, Instructor, Campaign Volunteer and Director of Constituent Services for a City Council Representative.

More recently, Tim submitted his application -with 9 others- to replace Don Tracy on the Cedar Park City Council.

Tim is married to Karina Kelly and they have 4 Children ranging from ages 8-17. Two of his children will graduate this year from LHS.

Tim is asking you to seriously consider electing him to the Chair of Precinct 287. 

Tim & Karina Kelly 
  Tim has been a conservative since 1983. He has served as Precinct Convention Chair (Temp) Pct 278.
 Tim has been a Judge of Elections since 2007.
 Tim has submitted multiple Platform Resolutions to the Republican Party of Texas. Many of his resolutions      have been incorporated into the TRP platform.

This site and campaign is paid for entirely by Timothy Kelly. No donations, gifts or endorsements are accepted.